Introducing iVSCU: Seamless eTIMS Compliance for Your Existing POS System

Introducing iVSCU: Seamless eTIMS Compliance for Your Existing POS System

Migrating from one Point of Sale (POS) software to another is often a complex and costly endeavor. Many businesses hesitate to make this switch due to the significant hurdles involved, such as data migration, training costs, and the potential disruption of daily operations. However, with the introduction of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) eTIMS system, businesses might feel pressured to change their systems to ensure compliance.

At TomorrowAI, we understand these challenges, which is why we developed iVSCU (Virtual Sales Control Unit). iVSCU interacts natively with your existing POS system, streamlining the process of eTIMS compliance without the need for a complete system overhaul.

The Challenges of Migrating to a New POS System

Switching to a new POS system involves several hurdles:

  1. Data Migration: Transferring data from your current system to a new one can be a time-consuming and expensive process. This includes customer data, sales records, inventory, supplier information, and more.

  2. Concurrent System Use: Businesses may need to run both the old and new systems simultaneously during the transition period, leading to inefficiencies and potential data discrepancies.

  3. Training and Adoption: Learning to use a new system requires time and resources. Employees must be trained, and until they become proficient, the risk of operational errors increases.

  4. Operational Disruption: Any system change can disrupt daily business operations, potentially leading to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction.

iVSCU: The Game Changer for eTIMS Compliance

iVSCU offers a revolutionary solution that eliminates the need for these disruptions. Here’s how it works:

Seamless Integration

iVSCU integrates seamlessly with your existing POS system. It captures essential data such as sales, customer details, imports, suppliers, insurance, stock, and inventory, and interfaces them directly with the KRA eTIMS system. This ensures that you remain compliant without changing your POS software.

Native Interaction

iVSCU works natively with your current setup, meaning there’s no need to modify your existing infrastructure. This not only saves time but also reduces the costs associated with a full system migration.

Tested and Reliable

iVSCU has been thoroughly tested and is now in beta. In fact, our UltimatePOS solution uses iVSCU behind the scenes, ensuring seamless eTIMS compliance. We have also conducted pilot integrations with several other POS systems, all of which have shown perfect results.

Business Continuity

By using iVSCU, businesses can continue to operate as usual. There’s no need for dual-system usage, extensive data migration, or retraining staff. This ensures that your business remains efficient and focused on growth rather than on technical transitions.


Migrating to a new POS system can be a daunting and costly task. However, with iVSCU from TomorrowAI, businesses can achieve eTIMS compliance effortlessly while continuing to use their existing systems. iVSCU is a game changer, ensuring that your business operations remain smooth, efficient, and compliant with the latest regulations.

Upgrade to compliance, not to complexity. Try iVSCU today and experience the difference.

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